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Today I would like to share with you a devotional from Dr. Dennis Kinlaw, from his book, “This day with the Master.”

“I had been a Christian about six years when I realized a substantial portion of my ambition was permeated by by pride.  I had my own ideas about what success in the ministry ought to be like, and the Lord confronted me about it.  He asked, ” are you willing to let me take your life and spend it any way I please?”  “What are you going to do with it?” I asked him.

Quietly he responded, “You don’t trust me, do you?”

“Well, it is not that I don’t trust you, but it would be helpful if you would tell me what you plan to do with my life.”

“No, I am not going to tell you my plans.  You will never know full freedom until you can look me in the face and say, ‘God, you can do what  you please with me.'”

And so I tried to  look him in the face and give him my full self.  “What is that on the corner of your life?” he asked.

“That is my thumb. Can’t I keep one finger on my life?”

“No, if you are going to turn it loose, you have to take all the fingers off.”

I tried to remove the finger from my life, and I found that I could not.  You see, it is only by his grace that we are ever set free.  Finally, I looked up and said, “God, can you take that finger off?”

“If you will let me crack it hard enough and long enough, I can.”

“Well, start cracking,” I said, terrified.  At that point I quit kneeling and found myself flat on my face before God.  Slowly, he began to set me free.

There is power in the Cross that can set us free from the tyranny of self-interest that either controls or contaminates our lives.  If we let him set us free, we can relax and rest in him—no longer drive to strive for what we desire for ourselves.  We will find that his desires become ours.  That oneness is the real freedom.”


Pray: Holy Lord, please crack my fingers long enough and hard enough to take them all off of our lives.



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