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I hope that you have thought and prayed about your Lenten discipline.  Many people give up things like eating certain foods, soft drinks, television…. These are all good things do give up.  Spend that time that you would normally spend watching TV to meditate and pray.  Ann, my wife said that she had read this week that Pope Francis had written about fasting from indifference.

Think about this for a minute.  What if we really did fast from indifference?  What if we took an active role in helping others that are hungry (physically or spiritually) or needing clothes or help with their bills.   What if they just need a kind word or a hug?  If we look, we can find these people, even in small towns.  We mostly know someone who needs our help.  Pray that God will make you aware of their needs.  Give to them.  There are people in the world that really need our  help.

Pray:  Lord, please give us a heart for helping others.


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